Try thinking about something while you are yawning. Impossible is my bet. This is one action that keeps you totally focused in the now. So no matter what you are doing after every one hour of whatever you are doing stand up, yawn - doesn't matter if it is real or fake. And follow it up with a goo...

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Stress is ALWAYS due to past regrets or future worries. Mindfulness practice gives the mind a respite by uncluttering it and freeing up energy to be in the present moment. Easier and shorter than usual meditation practices, mindfulness activities lead to calmness and well being. For more on this,...

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Polar thinking gives no space for the grey matter that takes up the most space in our mind and lives. It is extremely judgmental making the good, good but the bad, very bad leading to a lot of stress. Challenge this type of thinking to give yourself and others a chance to cope better.

Have you i...

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It doesn't take rocket science to know that thinking, feeling or doing things in the same way and expecting different results is stupid. Take help, if needed, to change your resistance to change if you want something in life to change.

When you keep pointing your finger at someone else for everything negative that happens in your life, you make yourself the victim, powerless and weak. Challenge the blame game thinking to take the control of your life in your hand.

Do you often feel someone insulted you when others feel that he just made a casual remark? Thinking people are doing negative things to you on purpose, instead of seeing them as just happening, tends to make you feel more angry and defensive. Take a reality check to see what is actually happening.

Feeling one deserves anything in life just because one is so and so's child or is at such and such post is an open invitation for disaster as it just doesn't happen. One is loved or respected for what one does and how one behaves not for what one is or what one has. If you feel stuck because of t...

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Insisting that people, destiny or life treat you fairly is like whistling in the wind. This mental filter only leads to a lot of anger and resentment. Accept this, yourself or with the help of a therapist to let go of a lot of negativity.

Another mental filter that we have is related to the must's, should's, have to's that we follow. These are the subconscious rules that one has for oneself and others around. The more strict they are the more rigid one is. And more a happy life one needs to be flexible. Try to understand these rul...

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Life Coaching and Counseling

  • Life Coaching and Counseling

    At Insight we help clients deal with issues that lead to emotional and cognitive problems like stress, anxiety, anger and fear resulting in behavioral, academic, relationship, self esteem and confidence issues through Psychotherapy, NLP, Chakra and Energy Healing and Deep Relaxation Therapy which works at all levels- the Conscious, the Sub-Conscious and Energy. Can be conducted face to face or through video calling as per needs of the client

Psychological testing

  • Emotional Quotient- E.Q.

    Helpful in identifying Emotional Level of a person to aid better inter personal adjustment
  • Intelligence Quotient - I.Q.

    Helpful in identifying and solving academic and behavioral issues related to below average and low intelligence through a set of standardized tests.
  • Aptitude Test

    Identify skill sets of individuals to aid proper career selection, can be done individually or can be grouped with interest and personality tests.
  • Personality tests

    Questionnaires to better understand behavioral traits and attitude, helps in better career selection and job satisfaction for those already working. Understanding the problem helps you better deal with the situation.
  • Interest test

    A test designed to introduce and check interests of an individual across 12 different professional streams to aid better career selection.
  • Comprehensive Career Test Package

    Combination of Aptitude, Interest and personality test to better understand an individuals hidden abilities, behavior patterns and passions to best decide
  • Adjustment tests

    Understanding an individuals adjustment in 8 major areas like Self, Family, Social, Academic, School, Friends, Sex and Health for troubleshooting existing and potential problems. Helps in bringing about better concentration and performance, highly recommended for class 9th and 11th students.

Lectures and Talks

  • Insightful talks on Life skills

    Stress management, Anger management, Anxiety Management, Emotional well being, Fear management for better life skills.
  • Talks for Parents

    Communication, Discipline, Motivation, making children Self Dependent, New Parents, Handling Difficult behaviors, Grand Parenting, Parenting teenagers, Gadget addiction.
  • Talks for Students

    Academic excellence, Personality development, Motivation, Career choice, Peer pressure, Handling Adolescence, Understanding relations, Handling Exam pressure.
  • Talks for Teachers

    Handling difficult behavior, Motivation,.


  • Activity based Hands on learning

    Activity based, Hands on learning for deeper understanding and development or required skill set.
  • Life Skills workshop

    Stress management, Anger management, Anxiety Management, Emotional well being, Fear management, Self Management,
  • Workshops for Parents

    Communication, Discipline, Motivation, making children Self Dependent, New Parents, Handling Difficult behaviors, Grand Parenting, Parenting teenagers.
  • Workshops for students

    Academic excellence, Personality development, Career choice, Handling Adolescence, Understanding relations, Stress.

Customized Programmes

  • Customized Lectures and talks

    Insightful, deep, technique laden, effective talks as per your requirements.
  • Customized workshops

    Practical, interactive, in depth programmes customized as per your requirements
  • Customized Content Creation and training.

    Programmes, Case Studies, Blogs, Videos, Presentations, Training Modules customized as per your needs.

Online Counseling and Coaching

  • Online Counseling and Coaching

    Counseling made easy and doable for people who are not located in our service area, cannot leave home or office or want to be discreet. So now there is nothing stopping you from finally leading a better life.


a year ago
The program conducted by you on parenting was great. All of the members appreciated the knowledge. Great session
- Jitesh M
a year ago
The journey I went through from a loser to a winner was beautiful. Thank you ma'am for walking me through the most beautiful path of life and helping me know my true self. God Bless You ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ™
- Angel A
a year ago
One of the best person I have met who is always ready to help others n guides with best possible ways. Thank you ma'am for ur guidance it really helped me to be better person.
- Pooja V

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